Name Telephone Address
Information (Telephone Number) Guide Dannoharu Campus +81-97-569-3311  
Information (Telephone Number) Guide Hasama Campus +81-97-549-4411  
Audit Office +81-97-554-7649 〒870-1192700 Dannoharu,Oita City
Administration Bureau  
Department of General Affairs  
General Affairs Division +81-97-554-7406
Planning Division +81-97-554-7407
Personal Affairs Division +81-97-554-7408
Department of Research and Social Collaboration Affairs  
Research Cooperation Division +81-97-554-7473
Social Collaboration Division +81-97-554-8533
International Office +81-97-554-7444
Academic Information Division +81-97-554-7482
Department of Financial Affairs  
Financial Affairs Division +81-97-554-7432
Accounting Division +81-97-554-6143
Facilities Planning Division +81-97-554-7431
Facilities Administration Division +81-97-586-5320 〒879-55931-1 Idaigaoka,Hasama-machi,Yufu City
Department of Student Affairs   〒870-1192700 Dannoharu,Oita City
Educational Support Division +81-97-554-7442
Student Support Division +81-97-554-7452
Career Support Division +81-97-554-7743
Admission Division +81-97-554-7519
Department of Medicine and Hospital Administration   〒879-55931-1 Idaigaoka,Hasama-machi,Yufu City
General Affairs Division +81-97-586-5110
Administration Management Division +81-97-586-5210
Student Affairs Division +81-97-586-5510
Hospital Affairs Division +81-97-586-5410
Hospital Redevelopment Promotion Office +81-97-586-6097
Administration Office, Faculty of Education +81-97-554-7504 〒870-1192700 Dannoharu,Oita City
Administration Office,Faculty of Economics +81-97-554-7652
Administration Office,Faculty of Science and Technology +81-97-554-7752
Administration Office,Faculty of Welfare and Health Science +81-97-554-7502
Faculty of Education +81-97-554-7504
Kindergarten +81-97-544-4449 〒870-08191-1 Oji-shinmachi,Oita City
Elementary school +81-97-543-6732
Junior High School +81-97-543-6731
Special Needs Education School +81-97-543-8317
Research in Education and Human Development Center +81-97-543-4933
Faculty of Economics +81-97-554-7652 〒870-1192700 Dannoharu,Oita City
Faculty of Medicine +81-97-549-4411 〒879-55931-1 Idaigaoka,Hasama-machi,Yufu City
Medical Education Center +81-97-586-6344
Community Medicine Center +81-97-586-6306
Advanced Molecular Imaging Center +81-97-586-6314
University Hospital +81-97-549-4411
Faculty of Science and Technology +81-97-554-7752 〒870-1192700 Dannoharu,Oita City
Faculty of Welfare and Health Science +81-97-554-7502
Graduate School of Social Service Administration +81-97-554-7442
Liberal Arts Education +81-97-554-7992
Center for Academic Information & Library Services  
University Library +81-97-554-7482
Information Technology Center +81-97-554-7985
Medical Library +81-97-586-5570 〒879-55931-1 Idaigaoka,Hasama-machi,Yufu City
Medical Information Center +81-97-586-6231
Institute for Research Promotion Project  
Promotion section of the important research / Supporting section of the research except machine analyzation +81-97-549-4411
Promotion section of the important research / Supporting section of the research with machine analyzation +81-97-554-7361 〒870-1192700 Dannoharu,Oita City
Institute for Innovative Collaboration Promotion +81-97-554-7969
Institute for Center of Community plus +81-97-554-7913
Center for International Education and Research +81-97-554-7429
Human Welfare Research Center +81-97-554-7450
Center for Research and Development of Higher Education +81-97-554-8522
Health Support Center +81-97-554-7476
Admission Center +81-97-554-7016
Gender Equality Promotion Office +81-97-554-8573
Beppu Personnel Quarters +81-977-66-0713 〒874-08442 Honome-machi,Beppu City
International House +81-977-66-0074 〒870-00241-7-36 Nishiki-machi,Oita City