Liberal Arts Education

The traditional objective of Liberal Arts Education is to foster a student's humanity multilaterally and to develop his/her personality fully through education in wide variety of areas. Recently, however, many people expect Liberal Arts Education to deal with far more than the traditional issues. Those new scopes of Liberal Arts Education include basic education of each professional field, up-to-date problem solving methods and skills, and so on.

The subjects of Oita University Liberal Arts Education consist of five groups: “Common Subjects”, “Introductory Subjects”, “Foreign Languages”, “Health and Physical Education Subjects” and “Basic Educational Subjects”. To international students, “Subjects for Japanese Language and Culture”, and “Subjects for IPOU (International Program at Oita University)” are also provided.

Oita University actively promotes educational reform to develop students’ “human power”. Therefore, among “Common Subjects”, we set up various classes to foster their ‘sense of time’ and self-consciousness. ‘Core Assignment’ and ‘Information Processing’ deal with up-to-date issues. The class of ‘Enlightenment of Occupational Concern’ is important for students’ career development. ‘Oita University's People and Learning’ aims at deepening their self-understanding. Practically, we provide shuttle bus services between Hasama (the Faculty of Medicine) and Dannoharu campuses, which are far apart from each other, and remote lectures for the convenience of the students.

In addition, the system of Oita University Liberal Arts Education is “whole staff mobilization” system. In 2008, we newly established General Education Organization to make its executive processes more effective.

Based on “Charter of Oita University”, we will continuously strengthen our research system and reform educational programs in the area of Human Educational Science, Welfare Science and Life Science. Our ultimate goal is to create an effective educational curriculum, which is based on the sole and firm educational philosophy commonly underlying all of the three steps of education: Liberal Art Education-Undergraduate Education-Graduate Education.