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Faculty of Engineering now has five departments, and the Graduate School of Engineering has six master and two doctor courses. The faculty staff endeavor to motivate the students to pursue the solutions even for the unseen problems, to acquire the internationally acknowledgeable intelligence, and to grow the respectable humanity of contributing the intelligence to their communities. The ultimate goal is to foster the professionals who are full of originality and creativity.

Each department focuses on the following specific goals:

Department of Mechanical and Energy Systems Engineering focuses on acquiring knowledge of the specified core areas of mechanical engineering, and the general areas of engineering such as electricity and energy. The aim of this department is to cultivate students' ability to cope with various modern social problems, such as energy crisis and destruction of natural environment.

Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering focuses on educating students to be engineers and researchers who have ability to contribute to human happiness and welfare. The practicable ability, technical skills and basic knowledge can be acquired through education and research programs related to the fields of the electronic devices, electronic systems and wave applications, electromagnetic dynamics, control and communication.

Department of Computer Science and Intelligent Systems focuses on fostering students' ability as professionals of the new generation to contribute to the future intelligent IT revolution. This shall be done through a wide range of education, from the basic information science to the advanced application of computer science and intelligent systems.

Department of Applied Chemistry focuses on acquiring manner and knowledge for understanding chemical characteristic of materials and transforming it in industry and nature. The prior aim of this department is to cultivate students' ability to develop new materials and biotechnology, or to find a solution of environmental problems, with advanced professional knowledge.

Architecture Course of Department of Architecture and Mechatronics focuses on fostering students' creativity, necessary to seek for safe and comfortable human lives as well as to maximize the quality of urban space. This shall be done through the education of broad knowledge related to architecture and design. Mechatronics Course curriculum focuses on fostering students' ability to develop robotic devices and assistive technology with the aim of improving the quality of life of all users. Our goal is to provide students with thorough knowledge of synergistic integration of mechanical, advanced computer control, rehabilitation engineering.

In the master courses, the students are to deepen their professional activities through the advanced lectures and the state of the art researches. The students who are seeking for their doctorates are to develop the creativity as well as the original research ability especially in material science and environmental engineering.

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