Charter & Basic Principles



The world has recently seen bewildering changes, and the role of the universities must also change.

Oita was once the center for Japan's inter-cultural exchange. Oita University hopes to continue and build on this tradition of initiative. The basic principles and goals for carrying out the university's mission are laid out here.

Students are drawn from a variety of academic backgrounds. It is therefore essential to establish a system for their education which will effectively answer individual needs. It will help students to develop their moral sense, their creativity,and their practical abilities. At the same time, it is necessary for the university to encourage advanced research in many fields. Our basic concern will be to secure freedom of research while ensuring that the r esults of research are disclosed. The university should be organized so as to maintain a balance between fundamental and applied research, and should work towards a rebuilding of knowledge. It is also important to promote active contributions to, and interaction with, both local and international society through mutual communication. To carry out these tasks, the university needs to have an ongoing reform, based on a regular review and evaluation of its system and method of management.

Oita University will begin a new chapter in its history with a renewed organization and system. We are dedicated to the further development of the university, and the creation of an environment filled with humanity.

Basic Principles of Oita University

Oita University will foster people rich in creativity, social abilities, and humanity through education and research in the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences. In addition, it will actively contribute to peace and development in the world. It will play an active role in promoting human welfare and creating new culture.

Goals of Education

  1. Oita University will foster well-educated people with a broad outlook through a student-centered educational system which values the student's point of view, and will emphasize their human and moral development.
  2. Oita University will foster people who are creative and also have practical abilities with a sound academic basis and highly professional skills.
  3. Oita University will foster people with a continuing incentive to learn and with wide judgment, who can take an active part in the broad international world.

Goals of Research

  1. Oita University will pursue the truth by creative research activities and will communicate the results to countries throughout the world.
  2. Oita University will aim to create new academic areas by integrating present disciplines in order to facilitate inter-disciplinary

Goals of Social Contribution

  1. Oita University, as a local center, will cooperate and coexist with local societies, contributing to their development by making available its achievements in education,research, and medical activity.
  2. Oita University, as an international intellectual base, will promote exchange activities with overseas institutions. It will devote special efforts to accelerate exchanges in original ways with other Asian countries.

Management Policy

  1. Oita University, within its educational, research, and management framework, will make a continuous effort to improve the quality of its activities. It will actively publicize information so as to fulfill its duty to be open and accountable to soci ety at large.
  2. Oita University will aim to construct a flexible management system fully able to deal with the changes which society will face in the future.